Opened to celebrate the graduation from college of my daughter who was born in 1997.  This comes in a beautiful bottle (they call it a hand grenade) of dimpled glass.  It is the luxury wine from this producer and while not one of the better luxury wines, it is an excellent bottle of Champagne.  1997 was a wonderful year for daughters but just an ok year for Champagne.  Yet, this bottle showed very well and was a welcome part of the celebration.  Golden in color.  There were still a fair amount of smaller bubbles.   There is just a touch of oxidation in the wine.  The nose is nice with pears, slight nuttiness and seltzer.  With air more yeast shows.  On the palate, this has a creamy texture.  Pears, slight salinity, and minerality.  Slightly bitter on the finish.  Over all a nice showing and would work for most foods.  Certainly past prime but there should be five more years at least of being an outstanding wine.  

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