The last Bruno Giacosa was one of the premier producers in Barolo.  Sadly, he passed away a couple years ago.  The top wines he made were given a red label and Riserva status.  This bottle is still youthful but it is drinking great.  Purple, ruby rim.  Still looks quite young.  Tight nose; cherries, slight tea leaves and dried roses.  A bit of tar.  Just the slightest bit of VA with air, which is good as it ends up bringing out the aromatics.  Delicious on the palate.  Tight layers of cherries, cherry candy, anise and earth.  Firm but manageable tannins.  Finish goes on forever.  Needs another decade to peak and eventually should be a 100 score.  That said, it is amazing now.  The next day, there is one glass left in the bottle and it is even better.  What a great texture.  A slight sour note that is delicious.  Of course, this is made for food and works great with almost any food wine will work with but went great with homemade pizza.  

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