The first bottle that we opened was corked.  A second bottle proved quite fresh indeed.  This was a surprise as it showed quite well.  Still, in the older style.  The label was actually in very good shape as well.  Purple in color with just a slight bit of bricking at the rime.  Clear and bright.  The nose has cherry fruit, with a slight bit of funk.  With air it becomes a bit more cigar box.  On the palate, this is clean and fresh.  Certainly mature but nice cherry fruit, just a wisp of tannins with underlying barnyard.  The finish is a bit drying.  Older wines can be a gamble, mostly due to variations in how well corks allow oxygen to transfer into the bottle.  I suspect this bottle is one of the better ones to be found at this point, but of course, that is why we pull the corks.  In any event, I still would not cellar this much longer.  It will go well with fowl or meat dishes.  

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