Buying Spanish Wines: Paranormal Purchasing vs. Proven Knowledge

The premise of this column came to me after a customer referred to a fellow wine salesman as “psychic.” When she arrived in the store, the employee greeted the customer, kindly offered the normal services and turned to walk away. As the salesman walked away, he muttered out one simple phrase, “Think Spain.”

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The customer quickly became elated and responded with, “That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Is this a case of psychic powers? No, and I’ll explain why.

This scenario reinforces many valuable keys for success. First, the salesman used intuition. This invisible and critical service opened up an emotional connection between the salesman and the customer. But it was knowledge that defined the success.

Yes, there is a revelation here. Yes there is a phenomenon. But it had nothing to do with the salesman. He simply did his job and did it well. Most psychic ability depends less on spiritual effects and mostly upon concrete, proven knowledge. Purchasing Spanish wines relies on a similar practice.

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