Wine Storage

Tips for the Micro-Winery: Creating and Following a Successful Wine Program

It’s December. The cellar is quiet. The cacophony of harvest has faded. The wines have completed primary fermentation and are finishing in barrel. Now, we begin the slow journey through elevage – making decisions that will effect a wine’s arc of potability . It sounds like a heady task, but following a few very simple routines can result in a successful wine program.

Wine Cellar Flooring Options

Generally, flooring for wine cellars can come from many sources and complements the overall décor and ambiance of the space. What is hardly ever used is carpet because of the cool, humid environment needed for aging and storing wines. These conditions could contribute to mold or mustiness in the fibers of the carpet.

Wine Cellar Tables

For those wine connoisseurs who want to designate a specific area for sampling, adding a wine service area is a good option. Here a table or two with chairs can allow you to offer your guests a special wine tasting in your cellar. Some of the choices for wine cellar tables range from elegant pieces of furniture that you would put into a dining room to small hand-made pieces of art. Some even incorporate function into their beauty.

Wine Cellar Designs: Architectural Embellishment & Enkeboll Designs

One of the most dramatic touches you can add to your wine cellar design is architectural embellishment. The addition of a carved corbel or a pedestal base or just a wood turning along your racks can transform your cellar from a dark place to keep your wine to an elegant space. But with the vision of a creative designer and the infinite possibilities available from carved architectural manufacturers, your wine cellar can take on character and presence, becoming almost palatial.

Wine Cellar Art: Murals & Paintings

Adding touches of art to your wine cellar can enhance not only your experience retrieving wines or managing your inventory by making your cellar a more welcoming place. But art can also help you create a tasting room or a special space where you may bring valued guests to share your wine enthusiasm. Art may also help increase your property's value.

Wine Cellar Innovations: Turning Wine Cellars Into Living Spaces

Wine cellars don't have to be dark catacombs in the basement. With some stylish designer touches, you can make the place your store your wine a welcoming additional living space in your home. You can add art, custom design, and personal touches to your wine cellar. They can become tasting rooms that are also temperature and humidity controlled environments to store and age your wine.

Summer Wine Chillers

Summer is just a couple of weeks away and many of us are thinking about entertaining outdoors close to the barbeque grill. What better way to accent succulent steamed fish, caramelized fruit, or grilled veggies than a chilled white wine. On a hot day, even a red wine can take a little cooling down, especially when temperatures hit the 90s or higher. But how do you keep the wine flowing if your wine storage unit is in your kitchen or even in your cellar? Wine Coolers One way is to keep your wine handy near your grill in some sort of wine storage container that can keep the wine cool.

Sub-Zero Wine Storage Units: Innovation from the Refrigeration Experts

Ever since Westye F. Bakke built the first freestanding freezer in the basement of his home in Madison, Wisconsin, over sixty years ago, the company has set a standard for refrigeration innovation. Last year, it was named one of the top ten Green Brands in the US and the UK. It is no wonder then that wine connoisseurs would expect SubZero to create the definitive wine storage unit.

eSommelier Wine Management System: Product Spotlight

Joseph Hageman and his partners at the New Jersey-based eSommelier company have dreamed up an elegant solution to managing your wine collection. Designed and engineered by Media Access Solutions, eSommelier Wine Management System is an all-in-one hardware and software system that offers more than just counting inventory and locating bottles.