One of the most dramatic touches you can add to your wine cellar design is architectural embellishment. The addition of a carved corbel or a pedestal base or just a wood turning along your racks can transform your cellar from a dark place to keep your wine to an elegant space.  But with the vision of a creative designer and the infinite possibilities available from carved architectural manufacturers, your wine cellar can take on character and presence, becoming almost palatial.

Enkeboll Designs in Carson, California, is a leader in carved architectural products. They have a wide array of distinctive wood products that can be added to your space. More than just a crown molding around your wine racks, these architectural additions are often breathtaking in their singular beauty but awe-inspiring when combined into grand design.

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Raymond Enkeboll started the company in a chicken shed in Venice, California, in 1956 as a place to create handmade furniture with the care of Old World designers. Under his artistic direction, the company quickly expanded to a larger facility in Los Angels where he and his assistants produced Spanish Mediterranean furniture pieces. When the company moved into a 75,000 square foot building in Carson, California, the focus of the company shifted to include designing and manufacturing wood embellishments for architectural focus in kitchens, recreation rooms, living rooms, and wine cellars.  These designs were inspired by folk art and antiques found in Europe and Asia and were created with the finest quality woods. Today, the company produces over 550 items with a team of over two hundred talented employees.

A member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Enkeboll only buys FAS select lumber, the highest grade of lumber available, from sustainable sources. This includes the finest red oak, hard maple, cherry, white oak, mahogany, black walnut, and alder woods. This lumber is then transformed into exquisitely carved pedestal bases or corbels, carved into acanthus leaves, palms, roses, cherubs, lions, grapes, or cornucopias.

There is even an exotic elephant design and a dolphin design. There also are more modern turnings.  Each design is created and carved by hand as a master. Then the design is replicated on machines to get the rough cut and then each piece is hand finished for a unique wood carving with its own character and patina.

Architectural embellishments have a wide variety of applications. The designs include bar elements, mantels, bases, moldings, onlays and pulls, panels, rosettes, stair parts and finials, arches, crowns, and keys. These carved wood elements can be used around doorways, in ceiling beams, on arches, pillars, railings, stairways, shelving, and cabinet doors. The only limitation is your imagination and perhaps your wallet.

With imagination, you can create more than a sterile, dark room used to age or store your wine. Envision your wine room tucked behind a movable bookcase. Or, imagine a stairway behind that secret entrance that leads to beautiful doors opening on to your wine cellar. Or, you could envision the lower level of your home as a whole space for entertaining with your wine cellar tucked into a corner, secured by a carved door that opens onto an inner sanctum of more carved woods. 

Take some time to dream about your wine experience and your wine cellar. Look at design catalogs and say, “What if?” Talk to a local designer and see what you can both imagine together. There is no mistaking the warmth and romance of wood. It is equal to the warm and romance of wine. By surrounding your wine collection with beauty, you will underline its importance and value in your life and can certainly enhance your wine experience.