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This is a device that is offered to help those who have issues with sulfites in wine.  Full disclosure, it was sent to me, without cost, to try.  While I am naturally skeptical, I am also curious so at one of our www.Intowine.com tastings we decided to give it a try.  ÜLLO is similar looking to many of the aerators that one sees on the market.  It is not, however, that.  The first and most major difference is that it comes with replaceable filters.  They look sort of like those round tea bags and are filled (yes, we opened one) with somet

What is America Drinking? Restaurant SuperBrands

Charles Gill is the CEO of Winemetrics LLC , a company providing on-premise market intelligence to the wine and restaurant industries. Winemetrics recently released The 2007 On-Premise Wine Distribution Report , which summarizes varietal, brand and product distribution from of over 10,000 U.S. restaurant wine lists. This report is the source for the content referenced in the article below. Before revealing our brand ranking, it is important to realize how different the wine market is from other alcoholic beverages or consumer goods.

Restaurant Wine Lists: What is America Drinking?

IntoWine recently sat down with Charles Gill, CEO of WineMetrics, to discuss what is an impressive feat to anyone who loves wine, analytics, or both. WineMetrics has assembled an enormous and comprehensive database aggregating the wine lists ofrom restaurants across the US. The resulting data is useful to restaurants and of course wine distributors and producers looking for outlets to sell their wines. To the pedestrian wine drinker, the findings are simply fascinating. WineMetrics has compiled extensive data detailing the wines that occupy wine lists in restaurants across the nation, from the Olive Garden in Dayton, Ohio to the local French bistro in Lower Manhattan. Acquiring this data must have been a laborious process. How did you go about it? Much of it is acquired by our distributor clients but a great many restaurants feature their wine lists on their websites, which we utilize. Often we just contact the account and ask for it. What surprised you as you started assessing the data?