Wine and cooking enthusiasts will know immediately that they have uncorked something truly magical with Karen MacNeil's Wine, Food & Friends. This book combines the culinary expertise of Cooking Light with the wine connoisseurship of Karen MacNeil, today's preeminent wine authority. Award-winning author, lecturer, and television personality, Karen is a champion when it comes to the enjoyment of food and wine, which she summarizes in "The Only Ten Principles of Matching Wine and Food You'll Ever Need." Pair Karen's zeal for the art of wine with more than 150 Cooking Light kitchen-tested recipes and you have all the ingredients you need to reach new levels of gastronomical glory.


  • Build your culinary knowledge base by combining 30 top-rated menus and recipes with wine recommendations for every season and any occasion
  • More than 100 full color photographs give visual cues for presenting casually elegant dishes
  • Demystifies wine terms with Karen MacNeil's tried-and-true food and wine matchmaking concepts
  • Offers Karen's own Sip Tips easy-to-remember wine descriptors and non-intimidating advice on buying, ordering, and serving wine
  • The pairing of Karen, with her evangelical zeal for wine, and Cooking Light, with its millions of devoted followers, is a match made in culinary heaven. Viewers who have enjoyed Karen's PBS program will love this gorgeously designed hardcover book even more.

About the Author
Karen MacNeil is a Cooking Light columnist, host of the popular PBS series Wine, Food & Friends, author of the award-winning The Wine Bible, and 2004 winner of the "Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional" award from the James Beard Foundation. She is currently the chairperson of the Wine Department at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California, and is a frequent lecturer and speaker.

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