There’s a certain comfort in knowing that when you open a Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc, regardless of vintage, it will always be excellent. I have had many vintages of this wine and the consistency of its excellence is borderline improbable – and yet they nail it year after year. The ’21 offers that beautiful crisp nose of lemon meringue, lime kefir, honeysuckle, guava and red delicious apple. That follows through on the palate along with light plum, crème brulee, toasted brioche and Asian pear. The acidity is nearly perfect allowing the wine to be taut, crisp and a perfect companion with food. There is the addition of 4% Sémillon. The fermentation profile is a bit unique – stainless steel and French oak, as well as amphora and concrete. The finish, with very mild minerality and a touch of toffee notes, is long and welcoming. In short, the ’21 is another standout and Spottswoode shows it is spot on. ORIGIN: Napa and Sonoma counties.  ALCOHOL: 14.1

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