This comes in a 3 liter box.  The beauty of the box is that the wine is deprived of oxygen enabling the consumer to drink it over a long period of time.  This box was sampled initially in June, repeatedly thru the summer, and again in October.  There was no noticeable degradation.  This is the type of wine made for the person who wants an occasional glass of wine (or a wine to be used in cooking too) that is still good.  I sampled the Cab and this one and preferred the Malbec.  It is from Argentina from a vineyard at 100 feet in altitude.  Purple in color, mostly opaque and bright.  The nose is nice with plums and black cherries.  Medium bodied.  On the palate, nice plum fruit with a touch of cherries.  Easy drinking.  Moderate finish.  This drinks well on its own and would work with burgers or chili.  Drink over the next couple of years.  A 3L box retails for $20.  

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