I will admit that upon seeing the front label "Organic Kosher" (for Passover) from Argentina, I was a bit skeptical.  However, realizing it was made by Domaine Bousquet, my hopes were higher and sure enough, this is a very nice wine.  L'Chayim (to life)!  which is also what A La Vida means in Spanish.  Purple in color, mostly clear and bright.  The nose is light but nice with plums, cherries and slight pepper.  With air it become more pronounced.  Medium tannins.  On the palate, black cherries, plums and some anise and ash on the finish.  A hint of sweetness.  Easily the best organic, kosher Argentinian wine I ever had.  It was also quite good and enjoyable.  A nice addition to a Seder or to someone looking to try something different.  And a good value.  Drink over the next couple of years.  Enjoy with Brisket.  

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