This comes in a 3 liter box and before anyone scoffs, boxed wine is one of the best containers for drinking wine that doesn't need ageing.  It keeps an open "bottle' good for a long time.  This is a great value for the person who wants a glass of a hearty red and might drink the box over the course of a month.  The box doesn't carry a vintage designation but this is from the 2019 harvest.  Purple/ruby in color.  Mostly opaque and bright.  The nose is nice with cassis, black cherries and slight bitter boysenberry note.  On the palate, this isn't super ripe but there aren't any green flavors either.  Bitter cherries with black cherries.  It works better with food but does drink better on its own.  As an aside, I preferred the Malbec version but your mileage may vary.  This is made to drink now and over the next couple of years.  It will work nicely with grilled or roasted meats.  This retails for $20 for a 3 liter box (4 regular sized bottles).  

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