This is from Austria.  Screw capped.  Upon pouring, this is noticeably spritzy/frothy.  A friend who brought the bottles back from Austria said a bottle consumed last summer was not spritzy.  It would appear that this is a separate bottling and best guess, they gave it a shot of CO2 right before bottling.  There is a popular drink in Austria made from Gruner Veltliner and Selzer which is essentially a Gruner Spritzer.  Perhaps, this is the wineries take on that.  Light golden with a fair amount of medium sized bubbles.  Clear and bright.  The nose has limes, pears, and slight herbal note which again, I am told, is "the smell of vineyard".  Medium bodied.  Lower acidity.  12.5% abv.  The bottle is labelled Trocken but on the palate, this is slightly sweet.  The limes and pears come thru to the palate.  Long finish.  Overall, this is very easy to drink on its own and it will work well with lighter foods.  It was nice with Felafel and Hummus.  Drunk over two evenings, the spritz didn't really blow off, but neither was it a problem or issue.