Anyone who has ever visited San Gimignano probably has a soft spot in their heart for it.  A beautiful picturesque hillside town, famous for its towers.  This winery has been making wines here since 1996, so how come I am just now hearing about it?  So it goes in  the world of wine.  But this wine is excellent!  Light yellow/gold in color, clear and bright.  The nose is nice with apples, some minerals and slight pine.  Medium bodied.  But the tension in this wine.  It's precision.  Tight layers.  Bright acidity.  It wakes up the palate and then satisfies it.  The palate has great minerality. Some apple fruit and a bit more pine on the finish.  And a long finish it is.  This drinks great on its own but will really shine with a plate of food.  This will work great with Prosciutto or other salty cold cut, or anchovies, but even fried chicken.  drink over the next couple of years.  

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