This is a Rose from southern France.  It is a blend of 60% Grenach, 20% Syrah, 10% Cinsault, and 10% Tibouren.  Perhaps more than most springs, I am looking forward to staying home and sipping on some Rose as the weather gets nice/warmer.  This is light salmon pink/orange in color.  Very pale but bright and clear.  It has a much bigger nose with nice strawberries, some hay and slight watermelon.  On the palate, it has an interesting texture.  A bit oily but also creamy.  The strawberries really come thru on the palate.  Refreshing and tasty.  Good balance.  Long finish.  This drinks great on its own and will work well with lighter foods but also grilled burgers or chicken.  I would drink it right away to take advantage of the freshness but it should last for a few years.  

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