This is a white wine made in Sicily from Certified Organic Grillo (pronounced GREE-lo) grapes at a Co-Op.  12.5% ABV.  Golden in color with a very slight copper hue, clear and bright.  The nose is nice, minerals, quince, and a very slight minty note.  Slightly viscous with a medium body.  On the palate, the minerality comes thru along with lemons, and quince.  There is a slightly bitter note (lemon pith?) on the finish.  The finish is of moderate length.  Overall, this is a very refreshing wine that was quite a  hit with a few friends I shared the remains of the bottle with.  It got better with an hour or two of air which is always a good sign.  Still, it should be drunk in the next few years to enjoy the vibrancy.  This would work well with most sea foods or vegetarian fare.  Great value.  

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