Bonterra uses organically grown grapes to make their wines.  The wines are very good to great and priced reasonably.  Their Rosé is always a favorite.  As Memorial Day approaches, this year will be a bit different with Social Distancing still appropriate.  Finally, however, we had a nice weather day, and it was a great time to try the latest vintage.  The wine is screw topped which is a great thing.  This vine is mostly Grenache.  It will keep the wine fresher.  It has a very pretty color.  Sort of a deep, ruby/pink in color.  Clear and bright.  Upon opening, notes of Rhubarb with some cherries and a bit of strawberries.  As the wine opened with air, the rhubarb faded a bit and some pomegranate emerged.  On the palate, the flavors were pretty much the same at first but again, with some air, a "watermelon Jolly Rancher" flavor emerged.  Let's just say I know that flavor well, love it, and leave it at that.  ;-)  This is not over blown but easy to drink on its own.  It is dry and refreshing.  This will work well with just about anything off the grill and also on its own.  It should probably be drunk over the next year.  For $16, this is a great value.  

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