This is a blend of  41% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Merlot, and 25% Cabernet Franc made by Thomas Rivers Brown.  Pop and pour, this took about twenty minutes to start opening and then drink very well.  Purple in color with a ruby rim, opaque and bright.  The nose is nice with cherries, black cherries, baking spice, slight chocolate, a hint of iron and roasted herbs.   Full bodied although certainly not over the top.  Rich texture.  On the palate, this has firm tannins that integrate somewhat with air.  Nots of cherries and black cherries with some underlying tobacco and a bit of chocolate.  Some pepper on the finish.  Delicious.  For those who like big young blends, this is just the ticket.  If you prefer a bit of restraint, wait ten years or give it air.  This will drink well for fifteen to twenty years.  It worked nicely with a vegetarian mushroom "bourgogne" but would work just as well with a beef stroganoff.  

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