Supposedly this is a natural wine.  Those can be good but often have some spoilage and similar issue.  There was nothing here to say this was affected, but it is a very odd wine that might have limited appeal.  On the other hand, it retails for around $15, so, especially for a wine geek, it might be worth checking out.  Deep golden in color (does this see extended skin contact?).  The nose is a bit odd.  Some sweaty undershirt quality to it.  A bit of dill.  Some tangerine fruit lurking in the background.  On the palate, it is hard to describe.  Kind of like apples that fall under a tree and then are run over by a lawn mower if that makes sense.  Not bad, but not great and not like any Chenin I have tasted.  A bit flabby.  Apparently JiJiJi is a famous lyric from a song in Argentina.