Citra is a collection of 3,000 growers who came together to form a winery, so basically a co-op.  Terre di Chieti is a growing area in Abruzzo that has yet to achieve DOC(G) status.  This is a charming red wine that is inexpensive and ready to drink.  The bottle is screw capped.  Deep ruby in color, mostly clear and bright.  The nose is nice with cherries and leather.  There is also a sweaty horse scent which I enjoyed.  It is warm and earthy and in the back ground so not over powering.  On the palate, this has a soft texture.  It is earthy but clean with nice cherries.  Slightly drying tannins.  Juicy but not acidic.  Good finish.  This is a nice wine for pizza, pasta, or a casual dinner.  No pretense but enjoyable.  

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