Greece is making some really good wines these days, both red and white.  It seems the whites are finding more shelf space in wine stores though.  This white, made from the Assyrtiko grape is very good.  It is a higher end version and like many lovely whites, I question the need for a "serious" wine instead of just having a more "simple" wine.  This wine is fermented in oak barrels for 12 months and then left to age another 12 months in bottle before release.  The result is that this wine has more body and complexity but it loses the crispness and freshness that makes Santorini wines so enjoyable.  And of course, all of that has a cost.  This wine is double the price of their regular bottling.  Still, that is a debate for another time.  This wine is very good.  Golden in color.  The nose shows lemons, honey, spice, toast and a touch of nuttiness.  Also a bit of salinity.  On the palate, the salinity is more prominent.  Bone dry with flavors of citrus and underlying minerality.  Full bodied.  There is a fair amount of oak showing especially on the finish.  This probably should be drunk in the next five years.  It will go well with seafood and summer salads.  

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