This is a Pinot Noir from the new Orin Swift Cellars.  Like many of his wines, there will be a subsection of people who won't like it because it is too big and too ripe.  Those people will also dismiss those who do like it as being "the masses".  The thing is, "the masses" are not buying $50 Pinot Noir's.  It is a matter of style and preference.  Ruby in color, mostly clear and bright.  The nose has cherries, baking spices, slight chocolate and figs.  Full bodied.  On the nose, this has raspberries, slight confectionary sugar notes, a hint of black pepper with some cherries on the finish.  Interesting.  While I might not pick Pinot if tasting blind, I would pick delicious.  It has a lush texture with a long finish.  15.2% abv.  This will probably drink better on its own, as a cocktail, than with food, but it can certainly stand up to a big steak.  No experience with how this will age, but most people buying will be drinking sooner than later.  Five to seven more years seems reasonable.  


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