This is from the people who bring you Cayuse and other wines from Washington State.  It is Champagne from France made from the Pinot Meunier grape planted in 1969.  Only made in Magnum and sold thru the Cayuse mailing list.  Golden in color with a slight ruby tint to it.  A nice mousse with a lot of effervescence.  The nose has Vernor's soda notes (sort of ginger and caramel).   With air some cherries and lemons come out.  Medium to full bodied.  On the palate, the cherries and lemons are more pronounced but there is still that underlying ginger.  Nice minerality.  Very concentrated, it slowly opens in the glass.  Long finish.  This is still young and should continue to improve for another few years and drink well for ten more after that.  It will work with a wide variety of foods, but roasted duck seems an obvious choice.  It worked well with a Mushroom "Burgonone".  

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