It was nice to try this blind, having tried it a couple of weeks ago.  There was some bottle variation for whatever reason.  This one had a deeper gold hue to it.  The nose was more mineral driven and less fruit with a crushed sea shell quality to it.  On the palate, this is dry with good acidity.  A bit of orange pith which wa quite nice.  In general it seemed a bit more advanced, but then with some air as it sat in the glass, it seemed to get a second life.  Some honey came out on the palate.  It got a bit more energy but that great minerality was still there.  This bottle had apparently been sitting on a store shelf for a while so perhaps that is the reason.  I am not sure this was quite as good as a more pristine bottle.  Still, for around $30 retail, this is a fantastic white wine that still has plenty of life left.