Another delicious wine from SQN.  It is a blend of 84% Syrah, 7% Grenache, 6% Petite Sirah, 1% Mourvèdre and 2% Viognier.  Inky purple in color, opaque and bright.  The nose has black raspberries, roasted meats, slight black olives and spice.  Full bodied.  Serious, fruit forward and intense wine.  On the palate, there are some tannins left.  Lots of black raspberry fruit over an earthy, meaty base.  Juicy acidity.  15.5% ABV but no heat.  Long finish.  In short, everything you could expect from this winery.  It is still young and should evolve over the next decade and drink well for ten more after that.  This drinks great on its own and will need bigger foods to match up (at least for now) such as rips or big steak.  

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