This is not their Grand Vin but "just" the regular blend.  Not sure what that says more about, this wine of their top wines.  It is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon of different clones of Cabernet.  This was made by the late Denis Malbec.  Inky purple in color.  The nose is great with cassis, slight pencil lead, chocolate and slight roasted herbs.  On the palate, this has a beautiful, almost seamless texture.  Plenty of depth.  Cassis fruit with slight dry tobacco and earthy notes.  Also a bit of chocolate.  Long finish.  Light tannins.  This is just about  mature, maybe a bit more to go.It should be good for another ten years at least.  This has great fruit but hardly a fruit bomb, it will work with a wide variety of medium or heavier foods.  It would be great with roasted chicken or other fowl.  

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