First time trying this vintage and it is awesome if still young.  I hate to call it elegant as that is not correct, but it is the kind of wine that fans of the "less is more" philosophy of wine will love.  Light silvery/gold in color, clear and bright with a lot of tiny bubbles.  The nose is great with green apples, minerality, slight lanolin and chalk.  But it is not big, just intense.  The palate is similar.  At first taste, it seemed to be missing something, but it has an energy and persistence that keeps building.  Intensity without volume.  The green apple and minerality carry thru to the end of the long finish.  Still young, this will undoubtedly improve and get a 100 score.  It is one of those Champagnes that might benefit from an hour or two of air prior to serving, at least at this point.  It will work with virtually any food as it was great with Shishito peppers and Siracha Roasted Tofu.  

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