Wow.  An ethereal wine that is both intense and present yet also so light as it dances on the palate.  Silvery gold in color with a fine bead of tiny bubbles making up the mousse.  The nose has some smoke and light citrus but the minerality steals the show for m.  On the palate, the lime and tangerine come out a bit more over a nice mineral base.  More lemon on the very long finish.  It is also delicious.  This is young but drinks so easily.  Can it get better?  I would say no, it will just change.  Drink any time over the next couple of decades.  This would work with just about any food and is great on its own.  Very special.  As an aside, trying it in January, 2019, I predicted that in a couple of years it would merit a perfect score (I scored it 98 then), well, I was right.  

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