Salon is my favorite Champagne.  Unfortunately, it's price makes it a very rare treat indeed.  Having tasted this wine on release, it didn't seem worth the price, but with some bottle age, this wine was spectacular.  It is, of course, 100% Chardonnay.  Silver gold in color with ton of very tiny bubbles.  The nose has slight toast, a slight amount of oxidation, plenty of green apples and just a slight ginger note.  Wonderful minerality.  On the palate, this has great acidity.  It is a very lively wine that dances across the palate.  Crisp apples, minerals and slight lime/lemon notes.  A long finish that goes on forever.  This is still young and continued to open in the glass.  At age 15, it is still not at peak and will get a bit better yet.  It was great on its own and will go with just about any food.  

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