This is made from grapes donated by wineries who are members of the Commanderie in Bordeaux.  Really fun to start the Edwin's 1980's Bordeaux tasting with this wine.  Many in the crowd seemed to enjoy the wine (not me), the atmosphere (absolutely) or the opportunity to taste something cool while supporting a great charity (Edwin's)!  This was brown in color (think a bit darker than a wet tootsie roll).  The nose offered up some balsamic vinegar and warm attic dust.  Medium bodied.  On the palate, this was thin and dilute.  Not acidic or tart or off.  Really just not much of anything.  With air, the bottom of the glass had the faintest ruby hues.  For my tastes, this should have been consumed 30 years ago, but it was fun and that counts.  If I had to rate it - 60 points.