Hard for me to score this since I have no real frame of reference.  Given though that it was made the year I graduated from high school.  That I bought it at the winery in Alsace.  And that I was sharing it with friends who apprecciated it, it gets an easy A. This was made in 1976 by Leonard Humbrecht and bottled in January, 2017 by Oilvier Humbrecht.  Pretty light red brown in color.  There is a lot of alcohol on it clocking in at 63.1%.  The nose has a nice peach to it along with some tea leaves.  There did seem to be a sort of dried lychee nut as well.  On the palate, this is warm all the way down.  That said, after the first sip I found it reasonably smooth and a great way to end a holiday dinner on a snowy cold night.  So much fun.