Always fun to get a chance at drinking an older wine.  1967 was a long time ago.  The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's that year.  The summer of love perhaps, but I was in 4th grade, so that didn't really apply.  Still, very cool to try a wine from that period.  Unfortunately, the vintage was not a great one and most table wines are well past their prime, and this was no exception.  Still, to quote Monty Python, "It's not dead yet".  Ruby/brown in color, mostly opaque and flat.  The nose has acetone, but also some cigar box and a hint of dried currants.  Medium bodied.  Some bits of fruit left on the palate, though the wine is starting to turn.  Thin finish.  Probably best to drink these up.  No point in tasting with food, a quick trip down memory lane and on to something else.  


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