This has a different shaped ullage so saying low-shoulder fill is quite accurate.  The fill was about four inches down from the top of the cork.  The cork was removed and the bottle blew off stink for a bit and then we tried it.  It did get a bit better over the subsequent 20 minutes before dying a quick death.  Garnet in color, mostly clear and a bit flat.  On the nose there is dust, saddle leather, dusty attic and just a hint of dried cranberries.  Medium bodied.  On the palate, there is just a hint of cherries with leather and earth.  A bit tart.  Clipped finish.  There are surely people who love this style of wine, but either way, it is cool to share a friends birth year wine from a great vintage.  Storage was likely good but no better if even that over its 60 years of life.  Very cool bottle, too.