This was a treat.  Lafite was not at the top of their game back in the 60's but still a first growth is cool.  I believe this came from a private collection that was sold to a wine store.  No idea about storage.  The cork was soaked to the rim and the very bottom disintegrated upon opening.  The wine was then decanted for sediment.  Purple in color which was surprising.  The nose took about 30 minutes to blow off all of the bottle stink.  At first it seemed corked but that blew off so clearly it was not (TCA doesn't blow off).  Eventually showing some tobacco, dried fruit, some cassis, and forest floor.  On the palate, this tastes of dried tobacco with some cassis.  No tannins left.  Certainly drinkable and while past prime, I doubt this is a lot worse than how this bottle showed at peak.  i was in third grade when this was released, no doubt drinking Hi-C Fruit Punch.  Fun.