Choosing a Wine Cellar Construction Contractor - 10 Questions to Ask and Why

So, you are ready to find a contractor to build your climate controlled wine room. Here are some questions to ask the contractors that you are considering. If possible, find someone that specializes in wine rooms but still ask these questions.

1. How many climate controlled wine rooms have you built and can I talk to some of your clients? You want someone that has experience with the issues involved with a climate controlled room. It is one thing to build a deck or remodel a kitchen, but another to correctly build a climate controlled room.

2. What materials will you use for the vapor & moisture barriers? How will you install this material?

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The product used to create these very important barriers is just as important as the installation. The right products installed incorrectly is just as bad for you as the wrong products.

3. Do you know why the barriers are required and what happens if they are not installed correctly? This question may be a stretch for your average contractor but one never knows. If he/she does know the reasons behind the barriers, then they probably know how to do the work correctly.

4. Does the refrigeration equipment that you are installing make noise and does it exhaust hot air? Most of the self contained units are noisy and exhaust hot air. It is not a good sign if your person does not know this or tries to convince you that they do not.

5. What is the process for repairing the refrigeration equipment if it fails? You do not want equipment that has to be returned to the manufacturer for service. This is a huge hassle and could leave you with no refrigeration in your wine room for weeks.

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