IntoWine asked our experts to suggest favorite wine pairings for crab:

Crab is a succulent shellfish that has an almost sweet flavor profile and a versatility of cooking adaptations. The richness of the meat is what you want to focus on when enjoying crab. And, because crab is not the cheapest seafood around, you want every bite to count. This means the wine should be bright and complementary and crisp – with a palate cleansing acidity.

One wine floats right to the top for me, Heidi Schröcks Dry Hungarian Furmint (about $20). It’s not always an easy find, some vintages of this beautiful white wine are diverted into the house blend. But when this wine is available, it is worth stocking your cellar shelves. Shröck’s dry version of Furmint  showcases a veritable basket of apple and chamomile while retaining a crisp honeydew finish. Like most good things in this world, the rarer it is the more unique the experience. Furmint is grown widely in Hungary for blending with Harselevlu in sweet Tokay. Now Shröck is winning fans over with her rediscovery and promotion of Furmint’s possibilities as a dry white wine.

Heidi Shröck took over the family winery 20 years ago after working in wineries in South Africa and Germany. According to one of Shröck’s distributors, “The family motto  states that tradition should be honored but also mixed with progress; for it means keeping alive the fire, not adoring the ashes.” When paired with Crab, I’m sure a few more logs will be thrown onto that fire. – Ben Spencer is a diploma student with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and an IntoWine Featured Writer.


I think Muscadets, from France’s Loire valley make a great pairing with crab.  These wines have an almost crushed shell note in their aroma and flavor profile and the best ones also have a slight salinity to them.  Look for the Luneau Papin Clos des Allees for around $12.  This wine is an absolute steal at that price.  It is complex, will age in a cellar, but goes great with all kinds of shell fish including Crab. - Loren Sonkin, Featured Contributor and the Founder/Winemaker at Sonkin Cellars.