The 2nd Annual “Top 100 Most Influential People in the U.S. Wine Industry" – 2013

80- Fred Dame: was Cellarmaster of The Sardine Factory in Monterey, California for twelve years helping to turn it into a wine destination. Currently Dame is a Master Sommelier and the first American to have served as President of the Court of Master Sommeliers Worldwide. He assists restaurateurs and hoteliers in developing their wine programs thus reaching a wide swath of people. Dame founded the American Branch of The Court of Master Sommeliers and has played an active role in the expansion of the Master Sommelier program throughout the U.S. thereby improving the professionalism of sommeliers.

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79-Jerry Lohr: was an early pioneer establishing a new outpost of winegrowing on the California Central Coast. He planted in Monterey County in 1972, and Paso Robles in 1987, giving Lohr an integral role in catapulting both regions onto the global winemaking stage. Today, in addition to over 1,300 acres in Monterey County, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines farms 2,300 acres in Paso Robles, and 35 acres in the Napa Valley, and has tasting rooms in Paso Robles and San Jose. J. Lohr wines are available throughout the U. S. and over 30 countries globally. U.C. Davis honored him with its Award of Distinction.

78- John Aguirre: is the executive director of Wine Grapegrowers of America, and the president of the California Association of Wine Grapegrowers, who lobby Congress and state governments about legal issues relating to wine, from inclusion in the Farm Bill to taxes to immigration reform which includes guest worker programs, they work behind the scenes to lake legislative actions equitable for the wine industry

77-Mike Dunne: is the former wine columnist, restaurant critic and food editor for the Sacramento Bee and continues to contribute to the Food & Wine section, focusing on value wines. He contributes to a number of wine publications and his blog, A Year in Wine, is based on wine selections he discovers on tastings, judging at competitions, and visits to wine regions. Dunne has assumed a new leadership role at the California State Fair Wine Competition.

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76- Kermit Lynch: for four decades this wine importer, author, and winemaker, has been importing wines from about 140 producers in France and Italy. He is the author of two highly regarded books on wine, and recipient of the James Beard Foundation's Wine Professional of the Year, not to mention the Chevalier de l'Ordre de Mérite Agricole medal presented by the French government for his service to the wine industry. His focus is on wines which other importers tend to overlook, smaller hidden gems, but which consumers seek out.

75-Chris Camarda: is winemaker at Andrew Will in Washington State, whose wines routinely score 90 points and over in the major wine magazines. You may think scores are meaningless, but the attention Camarda has achieved has helped to give new life to Washington wines. Wine & Spirits magazine called his winery, located on an island off the Seattle coast, America’s best Washington State producer, and named him one of the 50 most influential winemakers in the world.

74-Mary Ewing-Mulligan: is an author, journalist and wine educator and Master of Wine, the first American woman to achieve this accreditation. She has been the director of the International Wine Center in New York, and is executive director of the U.S. programs for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. She is also a freelance journalist of wine articles to various publications including Wine Review Online, and the co-author of seven wine books including Wine For Dummies, selling over a million copies and making wine easy to understand for the masses.

73- Paul Draper: has been the chief winemaker at Ridge Vineyards in Sonoma since 1969. Without any formal training in winemaking, Draper first gained recognition for his Monte Bello Cabernet Sauvignon when it placed fifth at the Judgment of Paris wine tasting. Draper has played a significant role in the history of California wine through his pioneering work in popularizing vineyard-designated wines as well as instigating the resurgence of old vine Zinfandel, rescuing the grape from obscurity and demonstrating its full potential. He also continues to mentor many California winemakers.

72- Alice Feiring: is a journalist, author and former wine and travel columnist for Time magazine, and an advocate for natural winemaking techniques. In addition to contributions to publications such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Condé Nast Traveler and Forbes Traveler, her blog The Feiring Line is considered to be among America’s leading wine blogs. She has authored two books on wine.

71- Elin McCoy: is an award-winning journalist and author, focusing on the world of wine. She is a wine and spirits columnist for Bloomberg News where she writes a bimonthly column as well as a monthly column for Bloomberg Markets which reach a worldwide audience. She has written two books on wine, including “The Emperor of Wine” about Robert Parker, and she contributes to Food & Wine, The New York Times and other wine publications and fits time in to speak at wine conferences.