Oberon is a project by the Michael Mondavi family making quality wines from California. The winemaker is long time industry veteran Tony Coltrin. This is a reasonably priced Sauvignon Blanc that tries to forge its own identity from a grape that can be very distinctive depending on where it was grown and made. It is light green in color with a bit of silvery/gold hues. Clear and bright. The nose has a nice minerality, slight tropical fruit and even slighter grassiness. Slightly oily texture. Good balance. On the palate, the minerality dominates. There is some hay and a bit of papaya notes. It seems clearly of California but at the same time a bit of tropical notes (similar to New Zealand) only in a more restrained note. Good finish. This is nice on its own but better with food. A nice wine for a light lunch but would also be great for a (summer) party. Drink over the next few years.

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