This is made by MIchael Angelo's Winery which is located in Northeast, Ohio.  The grapes are grown in California and shipped (2-day) to Ohio to be processed.  Tasted from two bottles, the second was significantly better than the first (not sure if the first had been open, was from the same vintage, etc) so this note is based on the second, freshly opened bottle.  Made utilizing the Charmat Method.  Light silvery/golden in color.  A fair amount of froth with medium to small sized bubbles.  The nose is nice with lots of peach and slight limes.  With air a banana note came out (perhaps a bit of carbonic maceration going on in the tanks?).  Good balance.  Fruity on the palate with plenty of peach.  Nice finish.  This drinks easy on its own but is also very food friendly.  Drink over the next year or two.