Orangetraube is the name of the grape varietal.  It was originally identified from wild vines by German viticulturist Johann Phillip Bronner in 1840. Since it's recognition in the "Lexicon der Rebsorten" (Lexicon of Grape Varietals) by August Wilhelm von Babo in 1954, it's been cultivated in Germany and Austria.  It is  most often used as part of a field blend known in Austria as Gemischter Satz.  When fully ripe, the skin has a slightly orange tint.  The name Orangetraube means Orange Grape.  Zahel is the only winery in Austria making a single varietal wine.  Light golden in color, clear and bright.  The nose has nice peach and bit of tangerine.  On the palate, there is a slight sweetness making it ver accessible.  Peach and tangerines with slight minerality.  Good finish.  This was tasty on its own and may be a difficult food match but it did work nicely with soft and blue cheeses.  

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