Fascinating and controversial wine.  Tasting with a group, I liked this wine much more than most.  On opening there seemed to be a significant amount of Brettanomyces on the nose.  Yet, it blew off over the next few hours until it was hardly noticeable.  That is not a trait of Brett so perhaps it was just bottle stink coming from the Kvevri (Amphorae).  It was undrinkable to some, but again, I found it delicious with its highest mark coming at about three hours after opening.  Made from the Rkatsiteli Deep amber in color, cloudy and opaque. The nose once the "barnyard" blew off showed oranges, Cinnamon, persimmons, and spices.  Medium bodied.  Well balanced.  On the palate, this is deep and complex.  Layers of fresh and dried fruits; oranges and peaches with some honey and underlying spice.  Very long finish.  This is a difficult sell, even excluding the stinky nose at first.  Just not what people expect when opening a bottle of white wine.  For the adventurous, however, a decant of a couple hours is recommended.  Drink over the next five years.  It was served with an Americanized version of Khachapuri, a Georgian Cheese Bread which worked nicely.  

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