This is from the country of Georgia, and is a blend of 40% of Rkatsiteli (rah-kah-see-tell-y), 40% Kisi (key-see), and 20% Khikhvi (khee-kh-vee) grapes.  It is fermented in Kvevri (Amphorae) where it is allowed to macerate for six months.  The winery provides itself on being a "natural" wine meaning unfiltered and no use of sulfites.  At a recent tasting it proved to be a bit controversial and I liked it decidedly more than most of the group.  Golden in color with orange hues.  There is a lot of VA (volatile acidity) on the nose that was the chief problem others had.  A little can be nice as it lifts the aromatics but this was indeed pervasive.  While not quite acetone notes, there was some model airplane glue on the nose along with cherries, honey and a bit of banana.  Firm tannins.  Strong acidity.  On the palate, there are notes of oranges and apples but also some VA (rare to pick it up on the palate).  A long finish.  I didn't like this wine on its own, but when paired with bread and soft cheese it mellowed out and worked much better.  Food is a must.  Lobio (Bean Soup), a cross between bean soup and refried beans from Georgia would work, but definitely something palate coating and more neutral is needed.  This should be consumed over the next few years.  

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