This is a sparkling wine bottled with a crown cap and made from Kekfrankos (Blaufrankish).  It is unique.  On popping the top, it took a few seconds and then foam started to gush out despite making sure the wine bottle has not been shaken.  Very foamy.  It has a vibrant electric ruby color, mostly clear if a bit cloudy.  The foam is white medium sized bubbles with a slight cherry red hue.  The nose is very tight with slight strawberries.  More come out with air.  On the palate, this reminds me of Faygo Red Pop that I drank as a kid.  Others said Cherry Ne-Hi.  It is not dry but not particularly sweet.  Nor does it drink like wine.  More like a Cherry Lambic beer.  Refreshing.  One of a kind (I think) and hard to describe.  

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