The cork on this was soaked all the way thru on most sides and a bit on the top, but the wine seemed sound.  This is made from Saperavi grapes and aged in Kvevri (Amphorae) on stems and pips.  Garnet in color, mostly clear and bright.  The nose is interesting with cherries, cinnamon, tobacco, and slight anise.  Medium bodied.  Strong acidity.  Complex and deep.  The palate has lots of cherries, some black cherries, and spice.  Nice finish.  This got better with air which was interesting given the condition of the cork.  It seems like it should have another ten years or so to go.  This works better with food but drinks nicely on its own.  Satsivi (Poultry (chicken or turkey) served with a thinned paste of walnut, garlic and herbs) or any type of Roasted Fowl would be a good choice.  

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