This is made from the Furmint grape.  It is virtually dry although there is a perception of sweetness.  Light silvery gold in color, clear and bright.  The nose has quince with a slight petrol note.  Medium bodied and slightly viscous.  On the palate, there is a nice sour lemons note along with some pears.  There is a strong backbone of acidity which I love but depending on your preferences may be an issue.  It carries the finish out a long way.  As this opened, the sour lemon note became slightly candied (in a good way) and melded well with the pear.  In a tasting of dry Tokaji wines, this was my favorite.  This probably should be consumed in the next three to five years although it might go longer.  A nice drink on its own, the acidity will work well with food.  Shellfish would be a good choice.  

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