From the VQA next to Niagara.  This is very good.  Light silvery/gold in color.  The nose has lemons, melons and slightly woody note which is presumably from the stems (whole clusters were added).  The winemaker described the woodiness as nutty, but that was probably because he was trying to impress that this wine saw no oak.  In any event, the nose is very nice.  On the palate, the melons (mostly Honey Dew, but also some cantaloupe-ish notes) come to the foreground.  Also some lemons and minerals.  Good acidity.  This is clean and full bodied but has an energetic edge to it.  Some of that may be due to its youth and it will be interesting to see how or if it ages.  Good finish.  Very food friendly.  At $20, this is a great value.   


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