Attractively packaged in a modern, western styled label.  This is a blend of Merlot 50%, Cabernet Franc 30%, and Frankova (Blaufränkisch) 20%.  It is a solid wine that tastes international in style.  Garnet in color, mostly clear and bright.  The has raspberries and cherries with some cassis along with slight baking spice.  There is some volatile acidity on the nose but not overwhelming.  Medium bodied with light tannins.  On the palate, cassis and cherries with underlying dusty earth.  Some acidity.  Moderate finish.  This probably should be consumed in the next five years.  It drinks fine on its own and would work with most meat or fowl dishes.  This is a fine enough wine, but there are so many internationally styled wines of similar or better quality for the same or less money.  Coming from Serbia, this may be a hard sell for vendors on the international market, but time will tell.  

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