I really like this wineries whites and I have liked some reds, but this wine was not at all to my liking.  Now, your mileage may vary.  And, it did taste better on day 2, so perhaps it just needs more time. This is purple in color.  The nose has black cherries, some spice.  Not a lot going on, but not bad.  On the palate, this is thin and bitter.  Some black cherry fruit.  A slight vegetal taste as well.  There is no obvious fault, and I don't know if this bottle is representative, but the bottle was tasted over three days before dumping.  It has gotten good reviews, but at the very least, this seems like a wine for people not looking for a lot of fruit.  It is much more savory (I would not use that terms).  Oh well, more for those who love it.  I will continue to order the Chenin Blanc's.  

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