This appears to be the base Plavac Mali from this producer (they also make single vineyard wines).  In a tasting group five, this was slightly more popular with many than the more robust single vineyard expressions.  It does bear a slight family resemblance to its parent, Zinfandel.  Deep ruby in color with purple swirls.  The nose has slight black cherries with a slight bitterness that is nice.  There is also a slight herbal streak to it (Chervil?).  Those qualities carry thru to the palate.  Slight tannins.  It seems tight and after a couple of hours of air, this loosened up a bit.  It drinks easy and more of a "Claret" style.  This is more food friendly than its big brothers and while it drinks well on its own, would probably be more suited to serving at the table.  Stuffed cabbage might be a nice pairing.  This should probably be consumed over the nest five to seven years.  

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