This is 100% Plavac Mali from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.  Palvac Mali is a descendant of Zinfandel (as proven by DNA evidence).  There is some resemblance but not completely.  Among five tasters, this proved to be love it or hate it (well, no one really hated it but average at best for some).  I really liked it.  13.5% abv according to the label.  Purple in color with ruby hues, mostly opaque and bright.  The nose is peppery with black cherries. There is also a bit of brett that was fine for my tastes but might be problematic for others.   Shows plenty of oak.  Hugely tannic.  Full bodied.  On the palate, this is rich and sweet and ripe with black cherry fruit and underlying char.  It did bear some resemblance to a sweet jammy Zinfandel so if you don't like those...  For me, this is tasty and easy to drink.  Lots of delicious fruit.  At age 6 years from vintage, it seems to be at peak and one wonders if the fruit can ever out last that wall of tannins.  It probably should be consumed in the next five years.   This is probably better on its own but if eating with food, give it some fatty meats or stews.  

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